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I work in a museum about the military and spend my spare time on the back of a horse or dressing up like crusty old dudes.

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Fwew! Got through the weekend in one piece. The tournament at Brooks Medieval Faire turned out terrifically despite initial misgivings. It was a real treat working with the international competitors and I think my face is perma-crinkled from laughing so much.

We ended up doing a lighter form of joust this year - drilled pine lance tips instead of solids - and I wish to god I had ridden now. Ah well… Here’s a shot of Rowan and I from the event last year plus some candids from the weekend.

Also have to point out that Andre in the fifth and sixth shots has re-engineered one of the exploding breastplates from the rennen joust popularized at the court of Emperor Maximilian I. Museum Secrets did a spot on it last year and it is honestly the coolest thing ever.